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  • Hi folks! I'm sorry that it became quiet about myself but stress in my private and business life is asking for attention. But I did not want to hold this great news back from you. The first app from the new company I'm working at is now released! On Google Play you can find the app here:…llpack.morphandroll&hl=de In The AppStore you can find the app here: Me and my team would be grateful for positive and constructive reviews and ra…

  • I know that this is a problem and this will be adressed sometime in the future. I'm currently heavly involved in my daily job. When the ModAPI first came out there wasn*t even a multiplayer neither it was confirmed. I'm really sorry for any inconvienence created by ModAPI users behaving like jerks but currently I dont have any quick way to solve this. The mod creators could fix this problem but still people could write their own multiplayer troll mods. ModAPI 2.0 is a pretty big project. It may …

  • As far as I can see the base.Update(); call is totally misplaced.

  • Currently the distinction of loaded mods is only by version number. I know that this is badly designed. ModAPI 2.0 will adress this issue. For now I can only say sorry.

  • Here is an example of what the Just in Time Compiler of the ModAPI will do to the game source and to the mod source when the mod is compiled. Game Source: Source Code (13 lines) When prepared for ModAPI the source will become: Source Code (25 lines) So if you create a mod class like this: Source Code (9 lines)It will be compiled in runtime to this: Source Code (16 lines)This way I can accomplish a runtime like injection without the hassle of managing all method pointers in every IL Code block an…

  • Hi there, currently the development of ModAPI 2.0 is on hold as I cant invest any time right now. But this may change in the near future. The last thing I worked on was the GUI system for the new ModAPI 2.0. In general the ModAPI 2.0 is completly changing the way of applying mods. Therefore all mods will be not compatible without further work. Sorry for that. Instead of manipulating assemblies, the ModAPI 2.0 will inject the code in runtime. This enables the ModAPI 2.0 to add and remove mods whi…

  • The mods descriptions within modapi are already multilingual but yea, some languages are missing. Just to announce it here: The ModAPI 2.0 (when it comes... which could take a while) will feature GetText for mod translations. This way everybody can translate mods. GetText will be as easy to use as: ModAPI._("Howdy, %1!", username); To translate this you can just change the language file with the following Howdy, %1!=Hallo, %1! Of course you are free to still use keys like ModAPI._("greeting", us…

  • Just to add something to this discussion: The GUI class of unity is the old GUI system. My ModAPI mods are still using them and I offer a common skin (via AssetBundle) for all mods if they like to use it. NGUI is the system used by the forest which isnt as fast as the last way to do gui: The new uGUI system is much more flexible and OOP. It's not just much more flexible but much more faster in rendering as it correctly batches and is internaly completly written in c(++). So if you are planning o…

  • donate

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    Oh sorry, there is no donator title right now and you opened a conflict on paypal. I actually thought about implementing one because of your donation but as there is no donation anymore I can think about that later

  • This thread is to put all screenshots of the ModAPI 2.0 together. These screenshots are representing the development progress of the ModAPI 2.0: The first UI concept ModAPI2.0_FinalDesign.jpg The first working dummy ModAPI20.jpg FIlling in more content ModAPI201.jpg First implementation of tooltips ModAPI202.jpg First implementation of tooltips ModAPI202.jpg Adding tab navigations ModAPI203.jpg The first live content ModAPI205.jpg Notifications and interactivity ModAPI206.jpg Browsing different …

  • No Forest

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    Finally! Industrialization has taken over! Take this you nasty cannibals!

  • Have you downloaded the mod with Firefox? If so, please try Chrome. There might be some problems.

  • Hi forum, the ModAPI 2.0 is in development right now and is making huge steps. Even if it will still take a while for the ModAPI 2.0 to be ready for you I want to give you something to do in the meantime. I want to start a patreon campaing like I already announced last year. There you can actively support the ModAPI with a small donation per month. But supporters should get something in return. I have some ideas but I dont want to influence you and give you an open mind to think about it. If you…

  • This is a known flaw in the remove building mod. The problem with removing them per remove building is the fact that there is no script nor collider attached to them. So the mod doesnt know there is an object. I'll see what I can do but can't promise anything yet. (I can fix that removing a wall with decorations is deleting the decorations as well)

  • Wow! Very nice video! I really enjoyed watching it and it explains everything fine! You're an awesome video creator. I'm already looking forward for your opinion and videos about ModAPI 2.0 when it finally arrives.... someday Best regards Souldrinker | Philipp

  • Quote from Cameron1w: “[2015-12-31 12:37:59] (SplashScreen): ERROR: Unexpected exception occured while preparing main window: System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Void System.Diagnostics.Tracing.FrameworkEventSource.BeginGetResponse(System.Object, System.String)'. at System.Net.FileWebRequest.BeginGetResponse(AsyncCallback callback, Object state) at System.Net.FileWebRequest.GetResponse() at MS.Internal.WpfWebRequestHelper.GetResponse(WebRequest request) at System.Windows.Media.Colo…

  • modapi has stopped working

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    Quote from morrt: “Successs!!!!! It was the zip program after all! Lol! Clearly wasn't extracting everything. ” Thank you for claryfing why the ModAPI crashs I will add a check for the integrity of required files and show a popup when there is important file missing.

  • modapi has stopped working

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    Just to keep you updated: I looked up what the ModAPI does before even writing to any log file and it's only parsing the configuration files beforehand as the ModAPI doesnt know where the logs belong as long the configuration files are not parsed. So I dont really have a real clue. Have you extracted ALL files from the archive? If you have, I may need to ask you to use a special version of the ModAPI which is logging everything even if there is no path defined

  • modapi has stopped working

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    Hey there. Exception code 0xc00000fd is an STACK_OVERFLOW Exception. Can you please upload the ModAPI.log (located in the logs/ folder) to pastebin so I can look if there is a hint where a STACK_OVERFLOW occurs? By the way: CLR.dll stands for Common Language Runtime. So the error is in the code of the ModAPI and is setup-dependend. As every computer ist set up differently such things can happen. I'm happy to sort this out with you.

  • I moved the thread to a brand new forum for pictures & images! I really like the seventh screenshot! They are all awesome. I'm really looking forward for the next screenshots, especially when there is a camera studio mod with many more possibilities.