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  • Wait for the ModAPI update... it's because the ModAPI is not up to date with the newest forest version.

  • I just tried to reproduce this error. But i couldn't. I installed the mods of sortbek, but if they are not in the "mods -> the forest" folder, they don't even appear in the ModAPI. And of course you mustn't place the mods in the "mods" folder of the game itself. You need to place them inside the "mods -> the forest" folder of the ModAPI folder. Maybe also try to redownload the newest version of the ModAPI and delete your current version. Maybe your version is n…

  • Difficulty Mod

    phoenix - - Discussons


    At the beginning. Nice mod idea. Good luck on it I don't think the night time should be changed too much with the difficulty. I wouldn't wanna play most of the game in night time, even if I want to be challenged. Some things you could add: - less / more falldamage - slower / faster decreasing of the hunger and the thirst bar - food regenerates your health faster / slower - lower / higher amount of cannibal patrols (or size of patrols) That would be my ideas

  • Mod Api stuck

    phoenix - - Archive


    The ModAPI is not up to date. That's why it gets stuck. Souldrinker had no time to work on it. But he recently continued working on it and will update it soon.

  • Hello Survivors!

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    Hello bedbug. Welcome to the forum haha

  • Hey!

    phoenix - - Introductions


    Hey Nicolás, nice to see the first non-German person here posting something haha I cannot assess your Translation, i already saw it but i don't speak a single word Spanish soo... Welcome to the ModAPI forum (even if you are not new to it)