Hello and Introductions

    • Hello and Introductions

      Hello , I'm Alex A.K.A ErasusSkirlex.
      I'm From Cyprus With French/Greek Parents,and currently living in Philippines since my child hood.

      First thing i found out about The Forest was on Version 0.20 and started playing it since then like crazy

      Found Out About this Group randomly in Steam by mistake cause i was searching to find some easier way to get Resources.

      :) so far i been on this forum i'm glad meeting other kind and helpful members and mods.

      Got a Gift for everyone who will want to download this attachment its 100% Secured and free.

      Fresh Start for New Players and people who like to mod


      Day 0
      All items and Everything unlocked
      Starting Near the beach where are the containers with a Small Tent and a Small Fire holding the Mighty Katana 8o

      If you don't Know how to use the files then here is a guide

      Extract everything inside a Folder and Rename it to the Slot # you want the save game to appear when you going to load it do not include the Screen shots i have included.

      Go to My Computer/C Drive/Users/ Your User /AppData/LocalLow/SKS/TheForest/0 or some other # inside theirs the save game files paste it their

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    • Hello @ErasusSkirlex and welcome to the board ;)

      Great upload, saves some time for those who don't want to pop up @sortbek's module and click through all the entries one after one :thumbup:

      Besties, theAxe :)

      PS: Did you seriously like your own post? lmao :D
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