Continue Savegame after mod install?

  • Continue Savegame after mod install?


    i'm totally new and didn't play around with mods yet. But here's my question! :D

    Me and My friends are playing the forest while i am hosting. There's no extra server, just a usual steam coop session.

    We were a little frustrated with the blue prints and thought maybe there are mods who will give us some more freedom, the question is... how does it work?

    if I as the host of our session Install better blue prints for example, does it break the vanilla-savegame?
    can my vanilla friends still join me if i run mods, but they didnt install them?
    If install mods and they do too, can they use them "as client" ?

    if anyone with experience could help I'd really apreciate that :)

    with best regards,