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  • sixxkilur -

    I have updated the mod to v 1.2 with recommended updated item list from users for game v1.07 but have not posted it without permission.

  • boogerlip -

    Bigger Backpack no longer works. Is there an update?

  • X33SPECTRE -

    Could you please update the Easy Building mod for us? It's so much better than outright cheating, and makes wall building less of a chore.

  • uiScotty -

    Yo please make an update to your flintlock mod

  • Sarge4ID -

    Hey could you make an update to your flintlock mod? Without it the pistol is pretty much useless. Thanks.

  • louie04k -

    can u update ur center of attention mod so it can be toggeled in game?

  • DeadlyDaniel -

    The mod does not appear on modapi Mod:Inventory mod 2

  • hello -

    are u gonna update the inventory mod soon?

    • Hermano -

      Sorry for the delays, I've verified the mod to be working and not in need of an update. If you are getting specific errors on the logs or elsewhere please provide them for easier troubleshooting.

  • EmirHanOzy7 -

    nice hack

  • stallingblock2 -

    Inventory Mod W/Sort needs updated to 0.52

  • FreddehMcTeddy -

    Have you looked into stat editing yet? (Strenght, sanity, etc.)

    • FreddehMcTeddy -

      And also, i love modding and have been doing it for a couple of games. But those already have well established software dedicated to modding. But what software do you use to create your mods?

    • Hermano -

      Hi there, I'm using JetBrains DotPeek to peek into some of the game's code and Visual Studio 2015 Community to code. Source code of some mods is available in the forums for reference.

    • Hermano -

      Do these stats have any actual representation in the game at the moment? I have been out of the loop for a while but I have never seen them make any impact.

    • stallingblock2 -

      Stats make small but noticable impacts.

      For example; if you keep your weight and agility(?) in check you will be able to run longer and faster, and axes will use less stamina.

      Strength may be for damage.

  • PrimeBad -


  • jaspervdzee -

    my pc says that its a vid help pls

  • Fuzes -

    Hi, I am having the same problem as Fiedi (regarding player stats). My stats freeze as soon as I enable the cheat menu. the stats stay the same (even when god-mode is off) but I still loose health and stamina.

  • Fiedi -

    In the newest version the cheatmenu seems to mess up my player-stats. they freeze as soon as i enable the cheat-menue-mod, regardless if i enabled god mode or not. i double checked the sliders and checkboxes for the player-stats too. I can't unfreeze hunger, armor, stamina, thirst...

    the instant built feature doesn't work either. Well... sometimes it does work... but most of the time i run around a blueprint, waving my view in all possible directions while spamming the instant built key and if i am lucky ... sometimes... it works. but most of the time it doesn't

    ps: thank you very much for all your effords. The game is a lot mor fun with mods like this one... if it works ;)

  • quadlegacy -

    Hello Hermano. Would like report a bug in latest version of The Forest v0.49 with cheatmenu mod. the ui is bugged and all other stats like health armor etc.

  • Miou -

    Hi, I wanted to install MOD API it works nickel.
    But when I want to take Inventory Mod 2
    But when I but in the folder MODS / THEFOREST, all well
    but when I run mod api bah it there's no MODS how I did?

  • Frekuenti -

    Hey, can yo help us with your CheatMenu beacouse if we upload it to the TheForest/mods the mod cannot be loded: [2016-08-08 20:27:09] (Game: TheForest): WARNING: Can't load the mod at "C:\Users\Kacper\Desktop\Wszystko\Programy\TheForest - Cheats\mods\TheForest\CheatMenu044c-0.1.4-83fbb97262c628527d1082474598d607.mod". Exception: System.IO.InvalidDataException: Sekretny numer w nagłówku GZip jest nieprawidłowy. Upewnij się, że numer jest przesyłany w strumieniu GZip.
    w System.IO.Compression.GZipDecoder.ReadHeader(InputBuffer input)
    w System.IO.Compression.Inflater.Decode()
    w System.IO.Compression.Inflater.Inflate(Byte[] bytes, Int32 offset, Int32 length)
    w System.IO.Compression.DeflateStream.Read(Byte[] array, Int32 offset, Int32 count)
    w ModAPI.Data.Mod.Load()

    Sorry for my English and that its Polish but i coming from Germany/Poland, and my English is Low :)

    • Hermano -

      The file appears to be incompletely downloaded. Try using a different browser and verify the SHA-256 checksum of the file is 72D004EE7C374CA00EEE2A6BCCC6163CD0774ED803BC94B6D977C046E76BB7A1

      (PL) Spróbuj inną przeglądarką, plik wygląda na niekompletny, w celu weryfikacji hash SHA-256 pliku jest 72D004EE7C374CA00EEE2A6BCCC6163CD0774ED803BC94B6D977C046E76BB7A1 - upewnij się, że twoja kopia ma taki sam

  • This is Sparta -

    Hey it appears that editing the Bone in the bigger backpack mod doesn't make a change in-game for some reason. I can't get the bones capacity over 15.

    • Hermano -

      Does the console give you any errors about it?

    • Hermano -

      Write the item names exactly as they appear in the inventory mod - this is case sensitive.

    • Hermano -

      I've updated the mod to search case-insensitive if the item name is not found in case search.

  • This is Sparta -

    Hey Hermano I was wondering if you could make a cheat mod for The Forest that increases the carry limit for basically everything in the game, sodas, rocks, sticks, etc to at least the limit of 50 total. I've been wanting a mod like this for a while, surprised nobodies made it, so tired of only being able to pick up 10 sticks and 5 rocks, and finding so many sodas in the caves and not able to carry them so I can store them at my base because I already have only 10 x.x'.

    • Hermano -

      I can try, problem is like with the 100 arrows mod that some items may break. It also is worth mentioning you will not see more than X items in the inventory as they have inventory positions up to a certain amount. I'm leaving this for 0.42b supporting version of modapi.

    • This is Sparta -

      Uhh..0.42c is already out. And I know I realize that, that's fine. Can you explain how items may break though?

    • Hermano -

      Take on the 100 arrows mod for example, when you're over 52 arrows the bow no longer allows you to aim (why 52, devs?). Might be similar with molotovs et cetera but no idea as have not tested this. Probably will work with sticks, rocks...

    • This is Sparta -

      Hm, well I guess make the mod and I can test it out and let you know if it works fine. As soon as MODAPI is updated for..Forest v.042C..because the developers hate us...

    • This is Sparta -

      Alright modapi's been updated, so basically make a mod that can let you hold about 50 of rocks, sticks, snacks, sodas. Idk about molotovs, bombs, and other things though. Maybe 30 of everything else? hm

  • Jorbeeters -

    Hey Hermano I just wanted to say your 100 arrows mod was a great idea, but the inventory mod is not working?

    • Hermano -

      Make sure that's the only inventory mod you've got enabled & set the hotkey in ModApi. We've tested this on a couple machines. Sorry I can't be more helpful. :(

    • Jorbeeters -

      ya its the only inventory mod there? Maybe I am overlooking it what other inventory mods are there except yours and the other one another person made?

    • Hermano -

      Only these two, perhaps some other enabled mod is conflicting. :(