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  • zzangae -

    Flintlock Machinegun mod has been inactive for a long time and can not be seen as a continuous state, so it has been fixed. You have uploaded a revision to the Modapi HUB.

  • xxplayboydave99880 -

    hey can you please make a update for the cheatmenu plus? can you please make the update with unlimited battery? thank you very much dude

  • Saint-in-Chief -

    CheatMenuPlus is broken as of 0.54b.

  • SamThompson14 -

    it just wont open for some reason

  • PedroTxpp -

    You could add something like a stat changer, as in Hermano's Cheat Menu0.50, If you could, that CheatMenuPlus will be perfect, Stat change of hunger, thirst, flashlight battery, stamina, energy, etc.
    Thank You

  • oPryzeLP -

    Hello! When you get the chance, can you please read the comments on CheatMenuPlus. Thanks :)